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I confess. Growing up my father read Charles Dickens aloud to us. For a writer, England is exciting.

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Her romances delve into the dark, intense aspects of love before bringing her characters—and the reader— into the light of healing, redemptive love. Highly recommended! But he is also a man of strong honor and convictions with hidden depths. His machinations on behalf of his brother often paint him as a villain, but in the end he proves to be a wonderful hero. Keira is a young woman caught between two worlds, and in an impossible situation: marry a man three times her age, or submit to being seduced by the man she has worshipped for years. Keira has the same hopes and dreams of any modern young woman, but her heritage makes it difficult for her to imagine her dreams coming true.

The narrative is smooth and paints a vivid portrait of exotic foreign places. The dialogue is natural and flows easily. Secondary characters play minor roles, but are defined enough for the reader to understand them. The sensuality of the story is intense, but also romantic, and will please readers who love a good solid romantic read. In her own unique style, Jane Porter has captured the exotically beautiful and passionate spirit of the Middle East with her newest Harlequin Presents…. Dare she surrender to the Sheikh?

Twitter Facebook Tumblr Buffer Pinterest. It's that kind of a story. It's at Open Library for those who are interested. View all 3 comments.

Sep 16, willaful rated it it was ok Recommends it for: fans of Harlequin Presents. Shelves: hero-is-hypocritical-manslut , forced-arranged-or-conv-marriage , angsty-goodness , special-needs-physical , bye. Andrea has every reason to loathe her wealthy Greek grandfather; he's never done anything to help her or her English mother, even when Andrea was in dire straits after an accident. But when he summons her to Greece, she can't resist the possibility of getting money to help her ailing, exhausted mother. Even if it means marrying a man who will undoubtedly come to hate her if he ever realizes she's not the wealthy heiress he expected.

I feel kind of bummed that I didn't like this more. There were some good aspects of it: cynical Nikos learns to become tender and protective, and comes to see the downside of ruthlessly seeking wealth and power. And I liked that Andrea's injury is really quite serious and disfiguring, because I was expecting one of those obnoxious "I have a scar, every man thinks I'm a freak" pity parties.

But I was put off at the beginning by Nikos' extreme sluttiness he earned himself a whole new shelf!

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The writing is more restrained and the book overall less over-the-top than recent James. If you like HPs, it's probably worth a try. I had many issues with this one; especially the part where the heroine Andrea is thrashed by her grandfather while the hero looks on without doing anything about it.

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I just couldn't take to the hero after that, not even when he discovers her disfigurement and looks after her. The heroine's character was ok, although she seemed to have a tendency to bait danger. But what was worse was the writing; it seemed overly dramatic and boring. I found myself skimming pages rather than actually reading the I had many issues with this one; especially the part where the heroine Andrea is thrashed by her grandfather while the hero looks on without doing anything about it. I found myself skimming pages rather than actually reading the book. This is a 1. View all 10 comments.

Oct 13, Kiki marked it as avoid Shelves: sample-was-enough.

A manwhore who has not one but two mistresses gets a virgin wife. Jan 08, Debbie DiFiore rated it really liked it Shelves: angsty , favorite-authors , i-read-this-before-but , in-my-computer-library , marriage-of-convenience , mental-issues , harlequin-book , harlequin-challenge , misjudges-heroine , prior-sex-life-talked-thought-about.

The Sultan's Virgin Bride (Romance)

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Okay once the H saw the heroine, he was smitten. He says he didn't touch anyone since the day he met her. But I had to sit through his disgusting sexual memories of his two mistresses. It was just gross. I took off one star for that. He was a pig. And he had plans for the greek mistress on the day he met the h. But maybe he really didn't touch anyone else.

He was an awesome hero otherwise. The scene where she shows him her legs made me cry. He was wonderful. Swoon worthy actually.

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But the scene Okay once the H saw the heroine, he was smitten. But the scene when he just watched when her grandfather hit her was deplorable and I almost stopped reading.

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That was before the honeymoon scene above so I forgave him after that. He was so in love with her on the ship it was wonderful. I loved him from that point forward. His actions at the end of the book were so romantic. I loved the epilogue too. Did i mention that the steamy scenes were very steamy!!?? I loved this book except for that horrible mistress stuff at the beginning. It was Like two different heroes. I might just might have to white out those scenes in the book.

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Yeah that will work!!! Jul 09, Vintage rated it it was ok Shelves: abuse , alpha-romero-h , anachronistic , angsty , can-t-say-i-wasn-t-warned , greek-sicilian-spanish-italian-bill , greeks-rule , kick-ass-heroine , moc , paint-by-the-numbers. Reading two JJ's back to back was not a wise decision. Of course, the H has to stru Reading two JJ's back to back was not a wise decision.

The grandfather is now rotting in HP hell and deservedly so. The heroine is pretty feisty and leads the H on a merry dance when she tells him she is as in it for the money as he is. She also defies gramps in a showdown that the H deplores for her acting like an uppity female barf again but admires her for her courage as few men including him could do that.