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Can New York’s canine units keep the city safe from terrorism?

TheMetalFoundry 5 out of 5 stars Metal Beware of Dogs sign in gorgeous copper acid with baked on clear coat SignPerformance 5 out of 5 stars 1, LuClerConcepts 5 out of 5 stars Only 3 available and it's in 1 person's cart. Dog owner gift, Beware of the Labrador funny plaque, Hanging slate sign with jute rope LilybelsUK 5 out of 5 stars He scooted down the seat, hunching his shoulders, and glared back at the Malinois.

Times Square is the busiest station in the city, and the main concourse was at its most cacophonous. And these dogs are tuning in to everything. The squad had been there only a few minutes when one of the German shepherds—a huge black male named Thunder—began to bark at something nearby. I could see a man in a hoodie crouched beside a pillar. One second, the two were frozen in a standoff, Thunder straining at the leash.

Stella Donnelly: Beware of the Dogs review – sweet-sounding songs with a killer bite

Then the suspect lunged, the cop let go, and the dog leaped through the air. The handler called Thunder back, but then the suspect broke away and the dog was on him again within a few steps, jerking him to the ground. As it turned out, the suspect was a decoy—another transit cop, posing as a troublemaker. This is the hardest part of canine work.

The field trials are a kind of canine decathlon, modelled on Schutzhund competitions. They bring together the best-trained police dogs in the country to test their agility, obedience, and ability to track criminals and catch them. Rothschild and his German shepherd were there to represent New York, along with four other dogs and handlers from their region.

Detroit Lakes sits on a flat, glacier-scoured plain about an hour east of Fargo. Some officers had driven as far as fifteen hundred miles to get there, but were unprepared for the freezing rain and the local fare.

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I later heard that the same thing had happened to two of the police officers—and they were driving their cruisers at the time. We were sitting in folding chairs on a baseball field, watching the criminal-apprehension trial. In this case, they had to chase down a gunman, bite his arm, and waylay him until the handler caught up to make the arrest. At least four dogs had been killed or severely injured in the line of duty in the past year. One was thrown into traffic by an armed robber; another bit into a brick of cocaine; another was stabbed repeatedly; the last barely survived an attempted drowning.

At the other end of the field, a half dozen German shepherds were lined up along a fence, their eyes locked on my every move. To them, I must have seemed like just another target—a man in a turkey suit, dashing through the forest on opening day of hunting season. Even with a protective sleeve on, an officer he knew was bitten so hard that his arm broke in two places, and Rothschild bore a dozen scars from trials gone awry. But you kind of get the feel of it. When his turn came in the trial, he sat without a twitch while the decoy shot off a round and ran down the field.

Then, at a murmured word from Rothschild, the dog took off—body low to the ground, feet a blur, like a shaggy brown missile. When David Causey, a patrolman from Lake County, Florida, called his animal off, you could almost see the dog weighing his options. He glanced back at Causey, slowed down for a moment, then hunched his shoulders and accelerated toward the target. It was a case of accidental reinforcement, Causey said. A few weeks earlier, in Florida, his dog had chased a felon into a closet.

A rough struggle ensued until the dog, in desperation, bit the man between the legs. Immediate surrender. The next time the dog chased down a suspect, he tried the same trick. Success again! By the time the field trials rolled around, the behavior was locked in.

When Causey and Williams told me this story, we were having breakfast at a coffee shop with Kurt Dumond, the officer who had received the unfortunate bite. Williams nodded. How do you keep a dog in line? The answer used to be simple: you smacked it or yelled at it or yanked on its chain. Punishment and compulsion are still common in dog training, though usually in more subtle forms—a tug on a leash, for instance, or a mild shock from an electric collar. Traditional trainers, from the monks of New Skete to Schutzhund champions like Friedrich Biehler, can produce very accomplished dogs.

But, as behaviorism has worked its way from aquariums to kennels, more and more dogs are being taught with positive reinforcement, often using a handheld clicker.

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Like so much else in the dog world, the change mirrors a trend in child rearing—and provokes the same heated debate. Hearing Pouliot talk about headstrong, distractible puppies—the kind that usually make good police dogs—is a lot like hearing an elementary-school teacher talk about attention-deficit disorder and the trouble with boys. You have to get that dog to try to figure out what you want. Canine police are conservative by nature. They have little margin for error or experiment, so they tend to play the Tiger Moms in this debate.

What do you do with the dog that, if you show him the clicker, he shows you his teeth? Do you just kill him?

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It was the third day of the field trials, and Pietropaolo and the other judges were gathered in a conference room at the Holiday Inn, pooling their scores. Erek would eventually drop to third, Danz to eleventh, and the championship would go to a dog from Austin, Minnesota, named Ghost—one of only a few Belgian Malinois in a sea of German shepherds. The best handlers never abuse their dogs, Pietropaolo said, but, like good parents, they make their authority clear. You have to make it happen. Guide-dog trainers were a lot like the police once, Michele Pouliot told me. Their methods were rooted in military dog training, brought over from Europe after the two world wars.

The benefits are already clear, Pouliot said. Less than half the dogs in her program used to complete their training successfully; now the number is close to three-quarters. On YouTube, you can see her Australian shepherd, Listo, doing its best Ginger Rogers: waltzing backward, spinning pirouettes, doing double-takes, handstands, and cancan kicks, all to a medley of TV theme songs. If I jerk a dog on a leash, I can make him sit.

I can make him cringe. Their work is inherently harsh and contradictory. Joy is often beside the point.

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But a certain amount of stress could inure an animal to the rigors of the street or the battlefield. The program at Auburn is like boot camp for dogs. The Canine Detection Research Institute occupies part of an old military base in Anniston, Alabama, in the foothills of the southern Appalachians. When I visited, two weeks after the national field trials, I was taken to a low metal building across the road from the main offices. Inside, a narrow corridor was flanked by rows of steel cages, each with a small door that led to a dog run, outside.

The air was edged with traces of ammonia and feces and reverberated with near-constant barking. Overhead, a loudspeaker system piped in still more noise: equipment clanking, boots stomping, engines roaring, bombs exploding.

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The system was first developed for stables, he said, and was used by police to get their horses ready for riot squads and other unsettling duties. The recordings could be swapped out to simulate thunderstorms, fireworks, screaming crowds, or construction sites. When I asked what they were for, I was told that police have to attend a lot of funerals. Auburn specializes in detection dogs.