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“My Highland League career has come full circle with my return to Mackessack Park seven years after I last played for them. “It appears.

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Judy Kaye, a voracious reader throughout her childhood, still likes to "get lost in a good story, a well-planned fantasy" — but these days, that usually means she's writing it herself. She's a much-published author of romances, mysteries and young-adult fiction. Judy lives in North Dakota with her husband her "real-life her" , two daughters and once cat who sleeps on her desk while she types.


Judy Baer. Chapter Thirteen. Chapter Fifteen. Dakota Father. Linda Ford.

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It broke Jenny Archibald's heart to lose her best friend, Lena, to a fever — Jenny's not about to let any harm come to two—year—old Meggie, Lena's orphaned daughter. Jenny will take Meggie to the girl's uncle in Dakota Territory. Channing Hawkins was a millionaire willing to share his wealth with the right woman. His sole stipulation?

That she be good mommy material for his adopted daughter. True, the child genius was precocious, prickly, sometimes down But his bloodlines ran as blue as the Montagues, age-old enemies of the Thortons, whose palace the prince infiltrated, searching for his kidnapped half sister.


The Fortunes of Texas: Membership in this family has its privileges But what a fortune can't buy, a true-bred Texas love is sure to bring! The executive had no time for a wife or But in the year Colin Garret had been searching for the boy, lovely Lauren Cole had been caring for his child And this exhilarating, warmhea It was a fairy tale come true Charming, courageous Zach Keller had asked poor little Jillian Waltham to be his bride. But his proposal was just a formality. For the sexy bodyguard had promised to protect Jillian with his very life, and the But Caroline knew in her heart that what they had was the chance of a lifetime.

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And it looked like it was up to her to show the lonely rancher th The sassy single woman had invented a boyfriend, and now her boss was demanding to meet Denise's darling. She knew of only one man who His grandfather's will had left Paul little choice: Marry a woman he despised or lose the Ropin' and ridin' across three states was simple compared to losing her heart and soul to rugged Struggling single father Orren Ellis needed someone to care for his brood, and the only applicant was Mattie Kincaid. Though the beauty could cook, clean and courageously keep h Until desperate, penniless heiress Laurel Heffington Miller sought protection for her secret son - and made mincemea Meet the Fortunes--a family whose legacy is greater than riches.

Because where there's a will So he hired pretty Laura B But Heller Moore's dreams didn't exactly come true. Divorced and working two jobs to keep up the payments on her trailer home, the single mom hardly ha Raising a girl alone wasn't easy, and lately Mattie's wild makeup and taste in clothes had this police officer seeing red. But when the woman next door called the cops about Mattie's de A cruel deception had robbed Dr.

Gail Terry of her newborn baby. And after years of desperate searching, Gail had finally found her, alive and well and living in Texas. Now, the only person who stood between Gail and her precious daughter was ruggedl Joan Burton was no pushover for sweet-talking cowboys. But when Griff Shaw showed up on her doorstep, injured and alone, she had to take him in. But that didn't mean she'd fall for his seductive grin First comes marriage Lonely rancher Leon Paradise had fallen in love at first sight with his mail-order bride, Cassie Esterbridge.

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But he'd barely said "I do" when a half-dozen ragtag boys showed up at the local bus depot, claiming to be hers Dallas playboy Parker Sugarman had soulful eyes, a wicked grin and his choice of gorgeous women. But this time he needed a woman to wed, not bed. So who better than his lifelong friend, straitlaced Kendra Ballard? Their short-term celibate marriag Waiting her out Bolton Charles was too close for comfort. Clarice Revere was certainly grateful for the friendship he shared with her son.

And she couldn't deny that the man was attractive, eliciting feelings she'd long forgotten. But Clarice Triple trouble Wyatt Gilley had his hands full raising his redheaded twin sons. Marrying again was out of the question. Yet, Wyatt still wanted a woman's touch in his life. Especially when that woman was pretty Traci Temple. But Traci wasn't willi Wedding plans The rugged cowboy looked out of place in wedding consultant Layne Harington's lace-filled shop. Layne couldn't help hoping he wasn't a groom -- just in the wrong place. But Rod Corley was planning a wedding, all right, and he wa Between building a new house and caretaking his kid sister, hardworking Craig Russell had a full plate of obligations-and no room for his sumptuous next-door neighbor.

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Even if her gourmet cooking-and skimpy bikinis-did take his mouth water with hunge Then in walked Deeton Spooner--movie-star handsome and t Dangerous Liaisons Meyer Randolph had been searching forever for that special woman, and when he saw Elaine Newcomb, something instinctively told him she could be The One. But soon he wished he'd never laid eyes on her.

Though Elaine claimed to b His mind was made up--absolutely, positively, finally. And no woman in the world would unmake it. When an equally determined Bonnie Maxwell arriv From the moment she felt herself lifted onto Rodrigo Aviles's saddle, Rebecca Harper knew she had definitely wandered off the tourist trail in Baja. Trekking across the desert on horseback with the don of a small mountain village certainly wasn't an When had Corinne Terral become engaged?

She remembered accepting her friend's offer to use his home while he was away--not his marriage proposal! But that was what he'd told his old-fashioned boss and next-door neighbo But now her peaceful existence was threatened. He was rich, he She would inherit a fortune on one impossible condition So why, on assignment in a one-horse town in Oklahoma, did she feel as if something vital were missing? And how could car Her only contacts with "civilization" were the summer visitors she capably guided on wilderness hunting trips. She was satisfied. His new partner was a regular little hellcat, and he'd learned young that self-control was the key to handling a hot-tempered woman.

But nothing had She'd grown up in the arid wilderness; it was the only home she'd ever known. So it was fitting that her first real kiss would be under a desert sky. But why did it have to happen with Bro Her white knight had ended up hurting her. Now, with the responsibility of raising her She dreamed of restoring it to its former glory and had no intention of selling it to anyone -- not even the very tempting land develo If she'd been unsure of the idea before, she certainly wasn't after she hit that pothole. Why, if her mysterious Prince Charming hadn't rushed her to the hospital, who knows what might've happened!

It was plain to Angie Faulkner that Rafferty Sharpstone was a mean son-of-a-steer-wrestling roper. But he wasn't going to get rid of her without a hassle. She'd sunk every penny into Strawberry, her prizewinning roan.

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Their lif That is, until Coral Jerome came storming onto his ship. Coral was wild and carefree, as bright and sunny as her tropical hom Why was her brooding new tenant so secretive about his background? Though his past was shadowed, Nolan always made the futu The Brannick Royal Hotel was one of her largest accounts, and when the new manager showed up in her printing office demanding stationery, Destry was inclined to go out of her way to keep him Brock Mackie was no stranger to love. He'd made his peace with God and had chosen his profession out of a desire to serve.

Yet the love this therapist felt for his patients had never touched his heart -- until he tried to counsel Hillary Garrison Willow was prepared to fight with every bit of ammunition she possessed to keep Cassle Oil Company from drilling on her horse farm. But the moment she encountered its determined owner, Trey Cassel, Willow knew she was in Underneath the bravado and courage was a woman fervently searching for a purpose. Some answers were provided Tough choices It was a time for decisions, and Roxanne Steele had already made one choice: She was going to stay with her father and Aunt Liz on the small Oklahoma ranch where she'd been raised.