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“My Highland League career has come full circle with my return to Mackessack Park seven years after I last played for them. “It appears.

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Have you been doing that on your land, with the nature spirits that occupy the same space as you?

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Skip to content. Interacting With Faery Folk And Nature Devas Is Something That We Have Collectively Forgotten As science has become the dominant way to interact with the Earth and all her species, much of the western world has stopped believing that faeries, devas, elves and other devic energies really exist. This entry was posted in Blog. Bookmark the permalink.

Search for:. Matrix Harmonics. WordPress powered , template by Seja Design. Or another more interesting view is that gods are the programmers of our universe, with each level up is a level up of the simulation.

Recollecting the Devas

The Brahma worlds then would be the universe wherein the laws of physics is different from the sensual realms, thus they can enjoy Jhanic bliss instead. In all the analysis below, if the gods are programmed beings, then their characteristics can be arbitrary programmed to fulfil the criterion below, so we will focus more on the programmers as gods scenario.

If divine eye is a special cheat code to be able to take command of the video cameras of the higher level up simulated universe, then it can see the programmers. Or they can have the abilities to plug into the minds of any beings being simulated and experience the same kind of happiness of that being, with a programme which runs automatically to constantly switch to the minds of happy people. Being virtuous makes one happy, thus the saying that gods likes virtuous people might come about like that.

Their lifespan can be long presumably due to the advanced technological findings there to help them live long. They can also easily take our future medical technology and import them up the simulated universe chain as lower down the chain, we got more time for research. However, the programmer may not have all the knowledge of even the simulated universe, or maybe he is good in programming but lacks the skills and knowledge to cook! However, here we run into the almighty, all good, and all knowing combination problem along with the existence of suffering, of which we have to choose to abandon the all good criterion as the programmers are sadistic enough to allow suffering to be programmed into the universe.

Or at least not to include a patch to eliminate suffering if suffering is emergent. To many perhaps the patch is sensual desire, an imperfect patch. The programmers are of course not all powerful outside of their created universe, and not all knowing as discussed in the previous point. It more naturally fits if the world means the simulated world, wherein each programmer god has their own world, and going up higher levels, their level of influence naturally increases as they cover more worlds. However, seeing that we have never truly explored beyond our solar system before, the simulation can simply be accurate for our solar system and treat the rest of the universe as backdrop.

Then it would fit in nicely. However this becomes the same level of dissatisfactory explanation of the world as Creationist proposed. Why have fossils when the earth is only ten thousand years old? Why bother with galaxies collision, cosmic microwave background radiation, gravitational waves of black holes merging if only our solar system is fully simulated? Agganna Sutta: This would be the story of how higher level programmers had entered into their simulated world, eaten something which made them forgot about their old world and less able to go back until they fully assume a person in their simulated world, no longer needing their body back in their world to be alive for them to live fully as humans in the simulated world.

Possible experimental verification: First off, we must be able to show that sentient beings can be simulated.

In Buddhism terms, it means we can be reborn inside simulated worlds. If we can be reborn into artificial intelligence, then I think there is no conceptual difficulty for this one. However, the question still remains, can we be reborn into non-biological bodies of AI or simulated beings? There are many efforts ongoing to find clues as to whether we could live in a simulated world after all. Likelihood of gods as programmers if we are living in a simulated universe: I use 50 for unknown or uncertain factors.

Total possibilities: product of all ten scores after converting them to probabilities : We had explored outer space aliens , higher dimensions, other universes, our near and far future Advanced Intelligence , now let us turn to the stuffs in current physics which are still unknown, yet to be fully discovered and explained specifically: Dark Matter and Dark Energy. First off, let us get to know what we know and do not know about Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

The Dark on their name implies our ignorance of their nature. Dark Matter was first proposed in the s, there are a few clues to propose that it exist.

Devas, Nature Spirits and Angels

Galaxies need more mass to be able to spin faster or else its stars would just fly off the edge of the galaxies. There is not enough visible stars to account for that mass, so a mysterious Dark Matter has to be added to keep the shape of galaxies.

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So observationally speaking, we see two same galaxies in a patch of space, just a short distance from each other. The lights from the galaxies on its way here had been gravitationally distorted by some Dark Matter in the middle. It has mass. It is invisible. It likes hanging out in galaxies. Regular matter cannot touch it. Other dark matter seems to cannot touch it either. It seems to like to clump together. Thus we are most likely already swimming in Dark Matter but we do not know it, or see it.

Of the four fundamental forces of nature, we know Dark Matter appears to only interact only gravitationally. This is where the matter from Dark Matter comes from, it has mass, inside its matter. As gravity is the weakest force in nature, it is very hard to experimentally see Dark Matter in the lab, so physicists still have no idea what Dark Matter is, there are plenty of candidates, but it is also likely it is something entirely new.

Here are some possible suggestions for Dark Matter:. Neutrinos were once considered before being discarded, other new particles yet undiscovered maybe these Dark Matter, including supersymmetric particles. These new particles may interact with each other so that they may produce dark atoms, dark chemistry, dark biology, dark life and civilisation. However, MACHO as Dark Matter has been discarded as calculations from the Big Bang nuclear synthesis has shown that there is not enough normal matter which can be produced them to account for all of the masses of Dark Matter.

Now let us look at Dark Energy. It was first proposed in , when we first discovered that our universe is accelerating its expansion instead of the expected slowing down due to the pull of gravity. To be able to accelerate the expansion, there must be a repulsive force, not only acting against the gravitationally pull of all the matter in the universe to come back together, but strong enough to push the universe to ever bigger size. It is also proposed as a result of our confidence in the validity of general relativity.

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There are many other properties to them that are completely irrelevant to the Buddhist project see Noble Truths and the importance of meditation and attainment within our extremely fortuitous but also extremely brief life-time But to answer your last question The difference with Buddhism from all inferior traditions is there exists Buddhahood for the sake of all beings and the Three Trainings and this has little to do with over-concern for worldly matters e. Mythbusters and other obsessions with paranormal phenomena.

Interacting with Faery Folk and Nature Devas

The Buddha himself said this and so did Confucius who had Enlightenment. To satisfy your curiousity though, devas are mentioned throughout the scriptures and the Buddha mentions his experiences with them in vivid detail. The following is a taste of the first half of "The Mind Experiment" with excerpts from respective suttas:. They all have distinct features and occupy certain positions in a vast hierarchy of levels, each heaven providing specific qualities of life and environment, body and consciousness.

There is a Lord God in most realms but no one is in charge of the whole; there is no super lord, no unique and supreme ruler of the universe, no divine creator of all and everything. They enjoy such bliss and brilliance that it is difficult for them to realize that all beings are, in essence, equal; that their godly state is just a matter of natural and temporal retribution, the result of their own excellent karma, and that they too are subject to the universal law of causality, to suffering and frustration when their karma runs out.

Thirty-one Planes of Existence

They experience decay, death and rebirth in a lower plane. Gods are finite because they exist. They are delimited and conditioned by their own thusness, by the very attributes and properties skandhas that make them divine.

Hinduism: Why So Many Gods? The Deva & Devis of Hindu Culture (What is Hinduism?)

Although none of them are responsible for the world or for other beings, they do have more-than-human powers. Their destiny highly exceeds our human one, because they have been much better than we have been; it is their excellent karma that took them there.

The Buddhic Column

Therefore we should emulate them for the moral and spiritual qualities that earned them such splendid existence. As religions know, they can appear on earth and interact with humans, they can protect us and intervene on our behalf; they are affected by our prayers, which they can answer insofar as [1] their power extends to us, and [2] we have the spiritual capacity and karmic affinity to receive their help.

Gods and heavens are part of and evolve within the whole of existence, or they would not exist. They are no exception to the general rule but subject to the universal process of origination-cessation just like the rest of us, ruled by cause and effect. They evolve according to the natural law and order of the universe Dharma. Heavens and hells, gods and angels, spirits and demons are not a matter of mythology but of cosmology. There is much more to reality than what our senses and brain register. From the human level, the pure worlds above are perceived when the mind ascends in pure concentration dhyana-samadhi.

At times when spiritual cultivation was more developed, gods and heavens were a natural part of life, as can be seen in the traditions of Greco-Roman culture, Judeo-Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Daoism, and other religions.

Devas Come to the Buddha for Help

All of these offer observations that match one or more aspects of the heavenly reality as it has been elucidated in Buddhism.