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Anyway, so the beginning of this book was filled with odd language and flat characters and I almost did not want to keep reading. But I did, and I finished the book, and here is what I have to say.

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Once I got into the actual plot and the dynamic of the world that they lived in, this book improved greatly. The general public lives in the Heartland, which is basically a wasteland now. Their jobs are to cultivate corn, but not just any sort of corn.

The Blade Itself (The First Law #1) by Joe Abercrombie Audiobook Full 1/2

This corn seems to have a mind of its own and it whips and scars those trying to harvest it, and it dominates any other type of crop planted. So what do the Heartlanders do with all this corn? It goes straight to the Empyrean, the rich and elite who live above them, up in the sky, and control everything they do. Cael hates the Empyrean. He hates them with a burning passion.

And this hatred is what fuels his need to change something, to go after the Empyrean and improve their lives. And now we have something called substance.

And then he finds the garden. The impossible garden, growing onions and peppers where there should only be wild, savage corn. Oh, this garden is interesting indeed. And it serves as a catalyst for what happens next. Ebooks and Manuals

It was wonderfully constructed, with phrases like. Cael and flying is a recurring theme throughout this novel and I think this dream accurately portrays a lot of what this book is about. There were a few more things I thought really made this book interesting. For example, the Obligation ceremony. It happens every year, to all the 17 year olds in the Heartland. They are matched up I believe randomly to a member of the opposite gender. The next year is their engagement period in which they get to know one another. The year after that starts their marriage. They have no choice in the matter and are paired with who the Empyrean chooses, whether they like it or not.

And with Cael and Gwennie being lovers, they most definitely do not like this system. Cael ends up being Obliged to Wanda, the aforementioned girl who is irritatingly peppy.

This is when things got fun. I really liked the way Wendig portrayed this ceremony, and the fact that is existed at all. It showed just how controlled their lives are, and shined a little more light on the nature of their government. The next thing I really liked was the Blight.

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The Blight was a disease found in the Heartland, and the description of it chilled me to the bone. Her career guides Everybody Else s Guides line the shelves of career services offices on many college campuses and she is often invited to speak to students. Inspiring and entertaining, Kid Athletes isn't just for sports fans.

She has embellished on so many stories that she cannot tell fact from fiction anymore. In , I had the fortunate experience of running across Angry Christ comix and the artwork contained within. The Christmas Duet Book The Last Caliphate