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Squash isn't only reserved for boring Thanksgiving side dishes. Use acorn squash for breakfast by slicing one in half, baking until tender, then stuffing it with tasty breakfast-y items like Greek yogurt, pecans, and cinnamon. Per serving: cal, 7. With a sweet potato crust and savory veggies mixed with goat cheese, you can make this quiche once and slice it up for a healthy breakfast all week.

Meal prep, anyone?

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Per serving: cal, Taste the rainbow with this beautiful breakfast bowl packed with protein-rich cottage cheese and fiber-loaded fresh fruit. Everyone needs a little energy boost in the a. Made with whole wheat and flaxseed, these chocolate chip pancakes will satisfy your sweet tooth and your appetite.

Leggo your Eggos and whip up a batch of these super-filling waffles, which swap the usual oil for protein-packed Greek yogurt. Pile on some fresh berries for a fiber-boost.

Healthy Breakfast and Brunch Recipes -

If you prefer to drink your meals instead of eating them with a fork and spoon, this healthy breakfast recipe is for you. You get loads of fiber and vitamins from the spinach and berries, plus protein from Greek yogurt. Not always. Try it and thank me later. Whip up this grown-up version of the lunchbox classic for a hearty and healthy breakfast toast that will make all the cool kids in your office super jealous. Heck yes, you can eat Mexican food for breakfast.

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Warm up your broiler, scramble some eggs, and mash some black beans to assemble this yummy and satisfying morning tostada. Did I mention it's topped with cheese and bacon? Now you have one more way to use up those farm-fresh orchard apples every fall. Remember those strawberries and cream instant oatmeal pouches from your childhood?

This recipe is kind of like that, only way healthier. Combine vanilla protein powder with rolled oats, Greek yogurt, and unsweetened almond milk before going to bed, then wake up to a ready-made breakfast just begging for a handful of fresh strawberries.

Pair with some fresh fruit for a fiber boost. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. How To Do Calf Raises.

Healthy and easy breakfast recipe for recovery: Overnight oatmeal

Alexander Spatari Getty Images. Fit Foodie Finds. Avocado Toast With Grilled Corn Salsa: Give your avocado toast a fresh makeover by topping it with lightly charred grilled corn salsa. Blue Majik Nice Cream Bowls: Blue Majik algae powder boosts the color of these frozen banana ice cream bowls to intergalactic heights. It's like eating dessert for breakfast.

Healthy Recipes

Egg Muffins With Sausage, Spinach, and Cheese: There's just something about eggs in muffin form that makes them more enjoyable. They're packed with plenty of protein and fiber thanks to the sausage and spinach. Our suggestion? Bake on a Sunday night, then grab and go throughout the week.

37 Easy Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Jumpstart Your Day

Caramelized Apple Yogurt Bowls With Popped Amaranth: Protein, fruit, and whole grains come together for a totally extra yogurt bowl that will beat out fruit-on-the-bottom nonsense every time. Oh, and once you try popped amaranth, you're going to want to add it to pretty much everything. Add a sprinkle of cardamom for a surprising hint of flavor. Keto Churro Cloud Bread: Drinking coffee without a pastry for dunking is just depressing, but sometimes it seems like that's the reality for keto dieters.

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No more! Bake up a tray of cinnamon-dusted churro cloud bread, and you can snack happy with the rest of us. Mexican Breakfast Salad: We love the combination of chile, sweet potato, and kale. It's even better when paired with a runny fried egg. The yolk adds richness to each bite. No-Bake Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars: Keep these peanut butter and jelly bars on hand in the fridge, and you can just take one with you on hectic mornings.

Kids love them too! Simple, Gluten-Free Granola: A drizzle of maple syrup sweetens this gluten-free, grain-free granola.