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Children with ailments such as autism are using tablets to help them focus and communicate with those around them. Patients recovering from strokes and brain injuries are using tablets to great effect in their recoveries. Patients of all ages are using mobile devices to communicate with healthcare providers and loved ones as they never could before. People born without hearing are having implants that can be programmed by wireless technology that allows them to hear their children speak for the very first time. Text messaging on phones has made a tremendous impact on communication for the deaf.

Diabetics can monitor their glucose level and have it wirelessly transferred to a small insulin pump that injects just the right amount to keep them where they need to be. Blind individuals can use smartphones to not only improve their lives but also help achieve an incredible level of independence. Not only do these phones speak to the blind so they know what is displayed on the screen, they have software that can safely guide them out in busy cities.

Mobile technology can help the blind pick out clothes for the day that match. The technology on smartphones can scan change received from a purchase and tell them how much was given.

This article just scratches the surface describing the benefits that mobile technology provides today. The technology is rapidly evolving and will help even more as time passes. We are in a fantastic era of mobile technology, and it is positively exciting to watch it unfold. When I stop and think of all the amazing benefits we are getting from this technology, I get goose bumps. It's fun to wonder what the next tablet or phone might be like and what capabilities it might have, but that's just the little stuff.

The improvements that are appearing in our daily lives, and society in general, is what really matters. Mobile technology is enriching our lives.

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It is giving a voice to those without, either due to circumstance or medical conditions. It is making communication possible for those who live in a void. It is keeping distant loved ones close, and building friendships no matter the location of those involved. It is saving lives, and making healthcare possible for those otherwise without. It's an exciting time to be watching mobile technology. There's no telling how far we will go with the technology of the not-too-distant future, but it will be a fantastic ride.

The three top keyboards for the 9. Apple Pencil may get new features and come to the Mac. WatchOS 3 beta helps responders in situations. Apple patent: iPhone to send responders to emergency location. Is Apple finally ditching MacBook's problem butterfly keyboard? Later this year, reports suggest Apple will release MacBooks without the flawed butterfly mechanism keyboard.

Impact of Smartphones over Society

What's going on? It's cloud outage month, and there's nothing users can do about it. Worse than ugly: Why Apple's iPhone 11 may be the most boring upgrade ever. All of these small, iterative improvements are nice, but they aren't particularly compelling, especially if you have an iPhone XS or an XR. Apple is using augmented reality to fix the eye-contact problem that afflicts video chat. Samsung lands in hot water and Federal Court for alleged misleading ads. Pew Research Center does not take policy positions. It is a subsidiary of The Pew Charitable Trusts.

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A woman uses her mobile phone to record a gathering in New Delhi, India, to celebrate the holy fasting month of Ramadan. Here are seven takeaways from the report: 1 Mobile phone users see a mix of benefits and pitfalls related to their devices. Share this link:. Research Areas U. We need to confirm your email address.

The impact of mobile phones on us!

These plans are single line plans, family plans and no contract plans. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages in various scenarios, but it's important for every shopper to solidify which plan would be most preferred to them. Single line plans are meant purely for use in one phone only. This is the best. This number is growing at an astonishing rate of more than sixty thousand people per day. Cellular Telephones Thirty percent of all Americans have joined the mobile-phone revolution.

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Does Cell Phone Addiction Exist? Miriam Smith Towson University Abstract As of , almost everybody owns some form of technological device.

Smartphone Growth /Usage

These devices are accessible to all types of people, there is no discrimination. It has become more popular over the years through the expansion of smartphones. Cameras, music, social networking apps and practically anything you can imagine have become accessible at anytime, anywhere. With one tap, you can update your status, send a tweet, and send a picture. Cell Phones and Driving One of the most popular innovations in automotive travel in the past decade has nothing to do with the automobile itself, the people who drive them, or the roads over which they operate. Rather, it is the ability to carry on telephone conversations while driving.

A major concern for the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration NHTSA is that drivers are being distracted by cell phone usage and about 85 percent of the nation 's cell phone subscribers. Currently, as a person in the younger generation, cell phone use does not have the negative impact that most people of older generations seem to say it does.

Cell phones and mobile media prove to be very resourceful. Since my generation has grown. Invention of the cell phone is one of the most significant technological advancements in recent times. While, some of these things have contributed to life of humankind in a positive manner; however, others still have had a negative impact on life. In both developed and developing countries, cell phones are the main source of communication.

The cell phone industry, like the internet, is one of the fastest and ever developing industries.

Mobile Technology, Its Importance, Present And Future Trends

Since , the production of cell phones has increased from 24 million to million in wireless phone apparatuses. With million established cell phone users in the United States the cell phone market is rapidly increasing. This rapid increase is due to the current and ongoing development of technology and innovation in perfecting the cell phone. Throughout the history of the cell phone industries. In addition to the related literature are local and foreign studies that helped the researcher in the analysis of the problems under study.

It's hard to believe that fifteen years ago cell phones were a rarity.