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Organizer and beneficiary. Family Friends. Courtney Bush. Report fundraiser. But the disturbed royal is Ragner's worst nightmare, tearing at his dreams of finding his lost brother Nicolai. Forbidden to leave their new home, the twins and distraught young prince run into secrets, lies, and missing answers at every turn.

Why did their father never complete his lifelong project, what really happened to Nicolai that fateful night, and who exactly is Nick Renz?

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Urban Dictionary: Layla

She loves deeply and passionately and likes to hold on to things. She is mature, smart and wise, she knows right from wrong and she will always apologize for her mistakes. She has many friends by her side. She is confident and keen for things she likes and believes in.

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Don't get on her wrong side as she fights back. Rawr :3 She's sexy, outgoing, beautiful, dark, clever, good sense of humour. Look Bruh. Its Layla.

Layla is a beautiful girl with and all for it personality. Layla has a sarcastic but sexy attitude and by a day or two,your attached to that girl.

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She is not afraid to talk to anyone at all,unless it's groups. Layla is an amazing girlfriend and is always up for cuddle time. She will do anything to make her partner happy and is someone you definitely want to age with. Damn that Layla chick sure is amazing. Layla is a brave girl with a very witty personality. She love being around people but is usually very timid. She has one big group of friends and others around her.

She loves to talk and listen to music.

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Layla is the type of girl who can eat almost anyhing and stay skinny and active. She is more artistic and loves music. She is usually very decisive on a guy and wants one that hopefully won't hurt her. Sometimes, Layla tries not to love someone so much and watch them leave her life so she is very careful. She is in a very popular group but does not act like the super popular girls.

She sometimes would love to get in a fight and she definitely loves to win. Most Laylas have long dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes and is very pretty. Layla might have gone through some things in her life that you never know about so be careful around her and don't say the wrong thing. Layla is the kindest, prettiest girl I have ever met. I love Layla.

-Since I've Been Loving You- Guitar Cover by Ayla

Look at her! She is perfect , her name has to be Layla! A fun loving girl who knows how to have fun. She generally has brown hair, brown eyes, and crazy dance moves. She has many friends who get her sense of style and sexy skills. Oh that girl is such a Layla. National ask a girl out day January 28