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“My Highland League career has come full circle with my return to Mackessack Park seven years after I last played for them. “It appears.

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Schultz PDF Free. Download Deutsch! Download Impfen - Ja Oder Nein? PDF Free. Du Bist Wie Du Bist! Endlich Gefunden! Endlich Gut Drauf! Freu Dich Des Lebens! Anwendung Von A-Z. Gesund Mit Meerrettich: Uberlieferte Heilrezepte. AuBere Und Innere Anwendungen. Heilfrucht Granatapfel: Zellschutzend. GefaBschutzend, Hormonausgleichend. Hilfe - Verbannt! Huhn Oder Adler? Grenze Oder Freiheit? Oxidationsprodukte des Cholesterols mit mutagenen und zelltoxischen Eigenschaften Proc. USA 81 , while the unsaturated fatty acid residues up to z.

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Hydroxyalkenalen mit starken biociden Wirkungen oxidativ abgebaut werden. Hydroxyalkenalen be degraded by oxidation with strong biocidal effects. In the further course of the disease, the affected vascular areas are considerably damaged by the so-called foam cells, with the participation of macrophages.

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It comes to the proliferation of vascular smooth muscle, and finally to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques that narrow the blood stream. There, blood clots can set and finally a heart attack can lead to permanent damage or death of the patient.

These pathological processes can not be completely prevented only by dietary measures for reducing blood lipid levels. Although the pharmacological reduction of blood lipid levels is prior art, but has the disadvantage that it engages in the complex lipid metabolism. Under physiological conditions, these metabolic processes are in a well-balanced equilibrium. An influence this balance, especially over an extended period of time will inevitably lead to undesirable biological reactions.

Adverse effects of lipid-lowering drugs such as clofibrate or nicotinic acid, are, for. Because of their compartmentalized in the lipids protective effect is lipid-soluble antioxidants to the invention are advantageous for the prevention and treatment of diseases in which z. Because of their particular antioxidant properties materials of the invention can be applied to other medical problems where Bioradikale are involved. These include inflammation, especially chronic inflammation such as rheumatism or arthritis, ischemia by z.

Antioxidants of the invention may eg also in the form of prodrugs for clinical and therapeutic applications. As metal cations such can. For example, those of alkali metals such as lithium, sodium and potassium, and of alkaline earth metals such as magnesium and calcium, but also cationic forms thereof, the metals such as aluminum, zinc and iron are used, optionally chelated with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid or citric acid and the like.

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Amine cations are those of primary, secondary or tertiary amines such as alkylamines, eg. Mono-, Di- und Trimethyl; As mono-, di- and trimethyl; bzw. Geeignete Aminsalze sind z. Suitable amine salts are for. Suitable quaternary ammonium cations are, for. As the tetramethylammonium and benzyltrimethylammonium. These cations can also be used for salt formation of the anionic forms of the compounds according to the invention, whereas preferred for salt formation with the cationic forms chloride and fluoride. The compounds of the invention are added to the protected lipids in the usual manner.

The added amount of the antioxidant according to the invention can vary within wide ranges. Such stabilized preparations may then verschiedenster manner, for. For example, be air, processed and subsequently diluted again. After dilution rubber, rubber, plastics, fats and oils generally contain up to 1 percent by weight or more of the antioxidants described above, although the addition of 0. When fats and oils that are used for human consumption, up 0.

The mixing ratios above are also applicable to the preparation of liposomes.

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When used as a drug for the prophylaxis and treatment of hyperlipidemic and thrombotic peripheral and cerebral diseases, in particular vascular 'diseases in humans and animals, the dosage required on the nature and severity of the disease, or to be treated animal species depends, but also of age, weight and health of the patient decreases. In humans, a dosage of 0. Particularly simple is the oral, peroral, rectal or trans dermal application, which, however, may require significantly higher dosages of up to about 2.

The dosages mentioned can also double both as a single dose per day, but three times or eight times to be administered in accordance with reduced dose units. The pharmaceutical preparations for the mentioned applications are produced according to the prior art. The active compounds according to the invention may be present as a powder, gel, emulsion, dispersion or solution, and z. Dosage units in the form of solid dosage forms such as tablets including coated tablets and pills or suppositories, can be prepared by customary processes such as pressing, dipping or fluidized bed processes, or Keseldragierung and contain carriers and other customary auxiliaries such as gelatin, agarose, starch, z.

Steroid hormones as olfactory ligands Steroid hormones are among the most potent olfactory stimulants, their mode of action however is still a matter of discussion since classical nuclear receptors are mostly lacking in the olfactory system.

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We discovered the expression of steroid binding globulins in sensory cells of the olfactory mucosa and in the vomeronasal organ of rodents and humans. It is likely that these proteins with their bound hormones are part of a signal cascade via specific membrane receptors.

LifeDy: Tailor-made vital dyes for biomedical analytics and photonics In the emerging fields of life sciences and photonics, the availability of highly specialized in vivo-dyes still remains a bottle neck for numerous applications. In collaboration with the Dyomics GmbH in Jena, a cell-culture based screening program is used to select intrinsically specific acting dyes among a pool of so far compounds. Further projects Synthese, Charakterisierung und Applikation neuartiger chemielumineszenter Benzofuran-2 3H -one Denoising of multidimensional two-photon-microscopy data Fluoreszierende Steroidhormon-Mimetika Synthesis, characterization, and application of novel chemiluminescent Benzofuran-2 3H -ones PD Dr.

Jan Richter seit PD Dr. Reimar Krieg seit 36 The scientists of the Institute of Anatomy II mainly work in the fields of mucosal immune protection, epithelial cell biology, neuro-endocrinology, and dye chemistry. We apply modern approaches of microscopic imaging, e. Our novel teaching concepts for histology and microscopic anatomy comprise special lectures for preparing the first medical exam and a system for internet-based virtual microscopy available for all students.

Fluorescent steroid hormon mimetics Steroid-Derivatives as novel antimalarials Fig. The nuclei are stained in blue. Mechanisms of macromolecule passage in epithelia Barrier function of epithelia is pivotal for maintaining different body compartmentalization and is of critical importance for restricting passage of macromolecules into immunocompetent compartments. Non-invasive multi-dimensional two-photon microscopy enables optical fingerprinting TPOF of immune cells. J Biophotonics. A novel method forimaging sites of paracellular passage of macromolecules in epithelial sheets.

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J Control Release. Distribution of olfactory marker protein in the rat vomeronasal organ. J Chem Neuroanat. Investigations on the synthesis and chemiluminescence of novel 2-coumaranones-II. Magnocellular hypothalamic system and its interaction with the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis. Biochemistry I Direktorin: Prof. Qualmann med. Britta Qualmann, Prof. Heidrun Rhode TAB The regulation of glycine receptor numbers and organization at synapses is essential for the efficacy of inhibition and the control of neuronal excitability in the spinal cord.

The project therefore aims at analyzing the dynamics and the organization of glycine receptor clusters and the particular role of syndapin I for receptor trafficking and for receptor clustering and organization applying super-resolution light microscopy. Britta Qualmann, PD Dr. Wir charakterisieren die Wirkungsweise und Proteininteraktionen dieser Cytoskelettkomponente und analysieren die zellbiologischen Funktionen von Cobl in der neuronalen Morphogenese und Netzwerkbildung [Hou et al.

Such understanding is a prerequisite for specific, targeted interventions into cellular processes underlying disease and thus also represents a focus in teaching. Our studies of cellular morphology and function allow by using cell and animal models substantial insights into neuronal network formation, information transmission and plasticity.

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Ziel ist, neue Diagnoseparameter und therapeutische Targets zu finden. Further investigations in vivo demonstrate that these functions are crucial for membrane trafficking and cell morphology control. Mechanism, control and cellular functions of Coblmediated actin nucleation Correct formation and plasticity of cellular morphology is essential for life of all eukaryots.

With Cobl, we have identified a novel, very potent actin nucleator, which is indispensable for correct morphogenesis of nerve cells. We are currently characterizing the molecular mechanism and the protein interactions of this cytoskeletal component and analyze the cell biological functions of Cobl in neuronal morphogenesis and network formation [Hou et al. The serum proteomes of calves infected by Chlamydia psitacii have been profiled and compared in order to identify host-typical protein-signatures of this well characterized large-animal model. The goal is to identify new parameters for diagnostics and therapeutic targets.

Our studies shall unveil the exact signaling cascades involved and their temporal coordination during adaptive stress responses in neuronal development, differentiation and plasticity. Calcium-mediated actin reset CaAR mediates acute cell adaptations. The actin nucleator Cobl is controlled by calcium and calmodulin.