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The 70 OSS veterans, wives and widows were welcomed back in Bangkok with high honors, including an audience with King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The OSS agents are widely credited here with helping check postwar demands by the British and other Allies that Thailand be treated as an enemy nation since it had formally sided with the Japanese.

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MacDonald started the English-language newspaper Bangkok Post. Jones said one flawed project was to attach firebombs to bats that were to land beneath Japanese houses. It turned out the bats were a homing species, however, and they returned upon release to set fire to the experimental site headquarters.

Model, Countess, Author, WWII OSS Spy: Aline Griffith Is Dead

But the OSS also notched major triumphs. Detachment , for example, operated with great success behind Japanese lines in Burma. It is regarded as the first U. Army Green Berets in Vietnam. The OSS was disbanded Sept. About Us.

The origin of the festival appears to be unknown. Before the First world war there was only one hobby horse in Padstow, the old oss, but in the blue ribbon obby oss the was introduced.

Also know as the temperance oss, its supporters tried to discourage the drunkeness associated with the custom. There are records of a few attempts to tackle the sometimes raucous behaviour asscociated with the festival, but none have ever worked.

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During some residents did not approve of people firing pistols in the air during the celebrations, and so rallied together to try and stop it by putting up posters which threatened people who did fire guns with a fine. Mayday in Padstow starts at midnight on April 30th, when its inhabitants sing to the landlord of the Golden Lion Inn. They then carry on singing as they move around the town until the early hours of the morning. The next day some people are up early collecting flowers to display around the town.

Admiral Nimitz Welcomes OSS Frogmen

Tree branches are tied to lamposts and drainpipes. The maysong is played by accordianists and drummers while the supporters sing along.

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Next the Old obby oss appears outside the Golden Lion Inn at 11am. The Blue Ribbon oss visits Prideaux Place later on in the day. The obby oss outfits are worn by various members of each group throughout the event, and they also take in turns teasing the oss. The teaser waves their teaser club in the air, and dances around the oss while leading it through the streets of the town.

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Just before it gets dark they are returned to their stables. All the supporters then meet up once again around the maypole at midnight to sing once again. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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